​​Dr. Sheronda Orridge is a mindful spoken rap artist that fuses poetry and hard hitting meaningful lyrics together to deliver powerful thought provoking messages about unity, love, pride, death, life, and much much more.

I am a Spoken Rap Performing Artist that combines the melodic tones found in rap music with hard-hitting conscious messages that spoken word delivers. I inspire, empower, and restore the village tradition of storytelling all while combining motivational speaking techniques that moves people from being passive to finding their voice around issues that are close to their heart.
I use my writing skills as a way of healing myself and the community. My writing and performing uplift’s people’s spirits and gives everyone a platform where they can vent, heal, and grow. My goal as an artist is to perform and speak all over the globe and to shine a brighter light on spoken rap so that this art form can gain more recognition. The purpose of my work is to leave a legacy of truth, honor, and wisdom that will be passed down for generations to come.


           I Am

                    Why Am I Here?

Dr. Sheronda has performed spoken word at many venues around the Twin Cities and throughout the United State and Canada. She was also a part of the cast in the monologue Femme Fatale, she performed in the LMAO Comedy Skits, and played Aunt Betty in the play Dead Beat Who? Dr. Sheronda has been the featured artist in the Soul Sounds Open Mic, Word Power, Poetry for Thought, and was one of the Curators in the Saint Paul Almanac Reading Jam Series. She hosted two weekly radio show Holistic Healing and Healing Through Words on internet radio station WDEP. She also hosted “Loving Our Life" a weekly television show on public access television, co-hosted Conscious Poetry Monday at Arnellia’s Bar in Saint Paul, was one of the opening acts for national spoken word artist Taalam Acey, and performed for rap superstar and activist KRSONE.    

  Original Spoken Word Tracks

Lyrical Quick Trip
Loving Our Life
Telephone Call From Heaven

Words Of Wisdom

Motivational & Inspirational Speaking
Life Purpose
Healthy Loving Relationships
Building Strong Communities
Women Empowerment
Creative problem solving
Coping with stress
The Power of Words
First Annual Juneteenth Celebration 
Event Hosting


Hosted first annual Frogtown Art Festival
Mentor young adults award dinner
Hosted open mic’s on Tuesday nights (Da Village)
Spoken Word Billboard Awards (Washington DC)
I’m a Dead Beat Who? (Played the character of Aunt Betty)
Femme Fatale a stage monologue (played the character of real flow)
Featured Poet Poetry for Thought (Ground Swell Coffee)
Featured Poet Soul Sound Open Mic (Golden Thyme Cafe)
Curator St. Paul Almanac Reading Jam (Black Dog Cafe)
Co hosted & Performed at Rondo Day’s first annual talent showcase
Co hosted & performed conscious Monday’s (Arnellia’s)
Black History Celebration (Summit Academy OIC)
Black History Celebration (Avalon school)
East Metro Integration District Retreat (Harambee Elementary School)
Featured Poet Mentoring Young Adults 3rd annual award dinner (Embassy Suites Saint Paul)
Opening act for National Poet (Taalam Acey)
Featured artist for Christian Poetry Slam
Perform for Century College
Victoria Theater Arts Initiative


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